Isn't it a 1th april fools?

Yes. At this point we can only hope that finale was a joke. That’s wishful thinking.

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The one and only thing I agree with in this finale: Tracy was an absolutely perfect name for the mother.

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alternative ending; barney and robin realise that they will strive to be there for each other because they understand and love each other, live in the city earning lots of money. lily and marshall move to the suburbs with their three kids, enjoying their consistent and respectful jobs. ted and tracy grow old together on their front porch, making memories and going ton renaissance fairs. they all meet at maclarens once a week and every year buy a glenn mckenna.

very good. i approve, anon. i approve.

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"And that kids is how i met your mother" coming down the steps, tracy laughed as she sat between her children. "Has he finally finished?" The kids both sighed with relief and nodded. Tracy and Ted share a smile. "Now come on, we gotta head over to your uncle barney and aunt robin's place for dinner" the family gather up to leave and the last shot is Ted looking at his family home that he built with a smile and tracy comes up behind him, hugs him around the waist and says "hey, you coming?"

WAHHHH, i have tears in my eyes. Happy tears.

someone should inbox me an alternate ending and make me feel better. anon or not.

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how do you spell ‘disappointment’?

'HIMYM finale'.